Manage all of your companies from one overview

Stop spending your valuable time monitoring your bank accounts. Manage the finances for all your companies from one single overview.

30 day trial, risk free and cancel anytime.

A better way to send money.

All your bank accounts from one overview.

Do you know the cash positions for all your companies and holdings?

With Moneye you can add all your bank accounts and manage your cash position from the same overview.

Save 1-2 hours every day

Are you spending your time manually monitoring your bank accounts and switching between different bank portals?

Stop wasting your valuable time, start monitoring all your bank accounts from one single overview, and save 1-2 hours every day.

Improve communication with customers

Are your customers contacting you for the status of their order?

Reach out to your clients pro-actively the moment you receive their payment, to let them know their order is underway.

What is Moneye Insights?

Moneye Insights allows you to monitor all of your bank accounts in one single real-time overview.

All your accounts in one overview

Get ready to manage all of your bank accounts from the same place. No more switching back and forth through different bank portals and accounts. You can now monitor all your bank accounts from the same place.

Over 2.400 banks connected

We've connected over 2.400 banks in more than 31 countries. See which banks we have connected here.

Add bank accounts for all your businesses

Do you own multiple businesses? Moneye Insight allows you to connect bank accounts from multiple businesses to have a complete financial overview.

Group your accounts

Grouping accounts allows you to easily manage multiple entities from one single overview.

Transactions timeline

View transactions across all of your accounts in real-time

Transactions feed

Monitor all your transactions in one real-time feed. As soon as a new payment hits one of your accounts, the feed is updated.

Filter specific accounts

Filter on specific accounts so you can focus on the right account(s) at the right time.

Dynamic search

Looking for a specific transaction? Can't remember on which account a specific transaction took place?

Use our powerful dynamic search to search across all of your bank accounts at once and find transactions in seconds.

Alerts & Notifications

Setup alerts and notifications on important financial events and receive a notification the moment your payment is received on one of your accounts.

Easy to setup notifications

Setup notifications on important financial events in minutes. Use our default templates to save you even more time.

Platform independent

Receive notifications on the platform of your choosing, for example through Slack or Text.

Fully customizable

Make your notifications bespoke by setting your own criteria and triggers.

Ready for complete financial control?Put Moneye Insights to the test.

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