Safe and secure data exchange

Receive financial client data safe and secure by leveraging the power of Open Banking.

Moneye Data Exchange

A better way to send money.

Save time

Stop manually requesting and processing your clients' bank data. With Moneye, you request the correct bank data in one go and retrieve it in the correct format.

Secure exchange

Through our secure environment, you ensure that this data can only be processed by the right people.

Increase efficiency

Prevent errors and streamline workflows by automatically storing the required data in the right place using our export or webhook functionality.

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Step 1: managing your clients

Invite your client

Invite your client to share their bank details from the client portal. Here you can monitor all your clients and manage invitations.

Regardless of the platform your client is working on, you are able to collaborate.
Securely exchange client data
We understand the importance of secure exchange better than anyone else. Our platform is designed to meet all your privacy and security requirements.
Whitelabel to your branding
White-label Moneye for a seamless integration with your branding, enhancing your customer's journey.
Moneye Client Invite

Step 2: access to required information

Your client adds the required bank accounts and batch files

Your client can add all bank accounts through the secure environment.

2,400 connected banks
We have connected more than 2,400 banks across Europe, click here to view them all.
35+ currencies
We support more than 35 different currencies.
Monitor progress
Through the office portal, you can see the progress of your clients at a glance.
Moneye Add Account

Step 3: exporting data

Export the transactions

Once all bank accounts have been added, you can directly export the bank details from the bank to a software environment of your choice.

Extensive filtering options
Set specific filters before the export takes place to export only relevant data, such as the correct time period or fiscal year.
Set up a webhook
Set up a webhook to receive the right information as soon as it is available and avoid manual actions.
Clean up data
Once you have retrieved the correct data, you have the immediate option to delete the bank transactions.
Moneye Export
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Moneye Data Exchange flow diagram

Moneye Data Exchange Flow

Secure and fast access to financial client data?Try Moneye Data Exchange